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1, What is GlamAndArt.com ?

GlamAndArt.com is a high class glamour and nude art website that offers high quality & exclusive pictures and videos of fresh babes in Europe. You can see very stylish images and even beautiful girls with no make-up. Everything about the women's beauty. Join now

2, Can I really download everything for this price ?

GlamAndArt.com will give you unlimited access to the entire site. Your combo membership will allow you
unlimited downloads to all of our content and special bonus features on all the 4 sites. SandraShineLive.com+SandraShineBonus.com+CruisingGirls.com+GlamandArt.com
There are no hidden costs / extra charges.

3, What is the quality of the pictures / movies ?


To serve you the best way we use Quicktime format for all of our videos it has the best quality today on the
market. Every movie can be watched full screen. All the movies are 16:9 widescreen. We also give you full HD movies as well.


There is two image sizes. High quality format is 2336x3504 pixles and large format is 1000x1500 pixels for low speed internet connections. All the sets are ultra-sharp and contain extra close-up images for your enjoyment. All the pictures are downloadable for your hard drive so you can watch them whenever you wish.

4, Can I really download the picture sets and the videos invidually ?

Yes, it is possible to download the sets invidually. So before you pay for a whole month you can spend a little
money and if you like it you can sign up to see it all. You can basically test the quality and the style of
our content. Not many sites give you this option but we are totally confident about ourselves.

5, What are the requirements to play our movies ?

Our movies are properly working and tested on the following operating systems such as Windows 95, 98, NT
and XP, and Applle/ Mac. You will need Quicktime 7 to play our videos in the best quality.
If you dont have this software you can download it here for free: http://www.apple.com/quicktime/win.html

6, I am concerned about my privacy. How will I be billed ?

The data that was recorded when you signed up is used by our tech support to contact you (by e-mail only) and we won’t ever sell or give away your personal information or send any mail to your postal address.

7, Is the fee for GlamAndArt.com monthly ?

To access GlamAndArt.com members area is free for those who sign up to the SandraShineLive Production combo deal for only 34,95 USD per month. Your account will be renewed automatically every month until you cancel your membership. You can visit the billing contact infos on the top of this page.

8, How long do I have to wait until my access works ?

You will have to wait just 5 minutes for your user/pass to be propagated on all our servers. If your account still does not work, please contact us via e-mail; webmaster@gabororban.com
Make sure you tell us as much info as possible so we can fix the problem quickly.

9, I did not recive my login info, what can I do ?

If you do not recieve an e-mail with your access info after signing up please contact the billing company you
signed up with or consider that you might have given a non-valid e-mail address when you signed up.
In this case contact us as soon as possible.

10, How do I cancel my membership ?

You can do so anytime using this link:
If you used CCBill: https://www.support.ccbill.com/


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